Western Australia to Victoria – 14 Day Road Trip- Budget Breakdown

Recently we posted about our 14 day road trip from Western Australia to Victoria and our goal of doing it on a budget of $2500. The post about our planned trip is here for you to have a read. 

Working in a bank I have always been conscious of money and i always live to a budget.  Its just the way I like to live to ensure I can enjoy everything in life.  As the cost of living increases each year, everyone’s concern can be money and how to cut back on the necessities in life.

Taking a well earned holiday is a must at some point throughout the year, its important to have a break  for your health and well being. Saving for a holiday can be strenuous as you always wonder will you have enough money saved to do the things you want to do? Or will you just blow the budget and worry about it later? 

Our recommendation is take your holidays, save what you can, set a budget and look for free or minimal cost options. On our trip it was very surprising to find so many low cost or free attractions that are available. Why not enjoy your life and say that you have been these fabulous places in Australia and not just dream about it.

Our road trip varied significantly this was primarily due to weather conditions. With a leak in our caravan we had to make a  rush home to prevent damage.  We still took 12 days to  arrive in  our home of Donald in Victoria. Our main goal of the trip  was to come in under our budget of $2500 and we successfully did that! YAY!

 Now the fun part is telling you how we came in under budget. Now remember with our trip we had 2 vehicles to cover fuel costs for. So in hindsight if you were traveling with just one vehicle you can probably do it for much less than what we did.  Prior to leaving our budget breakdown looked like this;

Accommodation Expense- $350

Food Expense- $350

Fuel Cost- $1260

Activities- $340

Total of $2500

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On our 12 day road trip, this is what we  actually spent;

Accommodation- $361.05




Other $28 (Washing of Clothes and Purchase of a Fry Pan)

Grand Total $2053.25

In total we drove approximately 3500 kilometers across 12  days, if we had of done the 14 days and stuck to our plan we most likely would of hit right on budget. However things can change when your out on the open road and you adapt to those changes when they arise. 

 With our trip, we know there were areas we could have cut costs on, however everyone likes the little luxuries in life.  We stayed in Caravan Parks as we required use of power. Of all the caravan parks we used, the majority were shared facilities. When we stayed in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia for 3 nights we chose an ensuite cabin. This was an additional cost of $6 per night. In Renmark, South Australia we chose to have a Riverfront camping site and as we stayed on a long weekend we had to stay a minimum of 2 nights and there was slight increase in price. 

 If we had chosen the more basic approach to our camping, we could of saved a lot more.  We used the wiki camps app to find the  locations and costs of caravan parks. Unfortunately we were not fully equipped to free camp  but we know we need to do some adjustments to our van to be able to do more free camps. 

 We managed to spend $380 on food for 2 people across the 12 day trip. Per person that works out to be $15.83 per day.  You could easily  get this down to around $10 per person per day. On our trip,  we did enjoy a few days going out for breakfast, otherwise the rest was spent on water, beer and our breakfast/lunch and dinner. 

 The biggest expense which we knew it would be was Fuel. This was primarily due to driving 2 vehicles on the trip.  Diesel was the most expensive as the Ute was towing the caravan. The expense for the diesel was $768.36 and the unleaded cost was $308.31. We found the fuel prices to be reasonable on the trip and did carry extra fuel to top up when we were running low. 

Our activities were primarily budgeted for  touring the town of  Kalgoorlie/Boulder, there was a lot of places we wanted to visit there and we were surprised that they were very cheap. The remainder of the trip we looked for free tourist attractions and to be honest there is plenty out there. Great Australian Bight, Gwalia Township, Walga Rock. All free and spectacular to see. 

We also took into consideration costs for Washing of Clothes at the Caravan Parks and we had to invest in a new saucepan to cook food with. Kmart comes to the rescue with that one!

From our trip, we learnt that setting a budget prior to your departure is a good idea. Then when your on your adventure track your spending. That way you have an idea on where your funds are going, you will soon be able work out where you can cut costs. However its entirely up to you how you want your holiday to be. All we can say is that Australia is a beautiful country, there is so many free or low cost attractions that you can find. Experience what is on your doorstop and make the most of getting out there and enjoying life. 

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  1. I love reading these, love the detail you put into it. So informative 🙂

    • loveyourtravels@hotmail.com

      May 1, 2016 at 12:09 am

      Thanks Jules! The more information put in helps others! Feel free to share our posts 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Love this post Stumpy! nice to see an insight to how much Aussie road trips cost

    • loveyourtravels@hotmail.com

      May 4, 2016 at 4:18 am

      Thanks Tarli 🙂 Yes they are not exactly cheap! But if you fully equipped you can do free camping which is what a lot of people look for now days.

  3. I thought that $2500 for 14 days seemed impossible but I am glad you proved me wrong! Those pictures look amazing, I particularly like the Jokers Tunnel. Was it as claustrophobic as it looks in the photo? I am very curious as to what you meant with the you were not fully equipped to free camp and you needed adjustments. Can you share what you meant by that?

    • Hi Ralph, YES!! The jokers tunnel would be claustroprobic if you cant handle it! Although we didn’t walk all the way through as there was bats in it, but we got a few metres into it!
      In relation to free camping, we had our caravan, but we didn’t have a generator to provide power or we didn’t have a solar panels. Then we didn’t have a portable toilet, so we always relied on a caravan park or roadhouse.
      We were able to cook up breaky and lunch on the side of the road but it was just easier at night to pay for it. Since this trip, we have purchase a solar panel.

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