Western Australia to Victoria -14 Day Road Trip

In just one weeks’ time we will be at our first stop on our road trip home to Victoria from Western Australia.

After being in the West for close to 3 years, it’s now time to hit the road back home to spend some time with our families and friends.  Heading off from Geraldton our 12 day trip is planned but like all best made plans they can change. We are permitting ourselves an extra 2 days on the off chance that we see something that is awesome to us that makes us stay longer!

Our day by day road trip looks like this;

Day 1- Geraldton to Mount Magnet

Day 2-Mount Magnet to Leonora  

Day 3- Lenora to Kalgoorlie

Day 4- Kalgoorlie

Day 5- Kalgoorlie to Balladonia

Day 6- Balladonia to Eucla

Day 7- Eucla to Streaky Bay

Day 8- Streaky Bay to Port Lincoln

Day 9- Port Lincoln to Port Augusta

Day 10- Port Augusta to Broken Hill

Day 11- Broken Hill to Mildura

Day 12- Mildura to Donald   


With our trip, we will be on a strict budget of $2500; I have calculated this over a full 14 days. You may be thinking that is insane and such a high amount for a 14 day trip; however we will be driving two cars a Mazda 2 & Nissan Navara that will be towing a Caravan.  

We will be eager to do this under Budget and we plan to show you how we do this.

 Our breakdown of our money expense is listed below,

Accommodation – $350

Food – $350

Fuel – $1460

Activities- $340

Total $2500

Our fuel expense is the most highest and that is only because of two vehicles, however we are planning to purchase additional fuel hopefully at a lower price save some costs with the drive across. We know our food budget will not be that high as we are vacating our house in Geraldton and have plenty of food to take with us.  However we are taking into consideration water, beer and the odd lunch or dinner.

We will most likely be staying in Caravan Parks with powered sites as we are still tweaking our van to be suitable for unpowered sites.  Activities expense is reasonable, we will be looking for free options, however we have the Kalgoorlie Super Pit tour high on the must do list!

So stay tuned on our social media platforms, Facebook & Instagram to see our road trip adventure. We will be posting about our caravan park stays, free camps, free & paid activities and any other money savers we can offer our readers.  Remember; make memories, live life, love life and loveyourtravels.



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  1. looks great 🙂
    It’s super informative to see your budget.
    I wonder if petrol is less expensive if just driving a van, compared to a ute pulling a caravan – or if it is very similar.. As i know a lot of people do this trip in vans 🙂

    • loveyourtravels@hotmail.com

      February 28, 2016 at 11:42 am

      Thanks Jasmine, yes budgets all the way for us! We think it would be less expensive if your driving a van. Hopefully we can experience some travels in a Van one day!

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