Watchem Lake & Township- Victoria

The catch phrase known to the locals as “Where’s Watchem” makes you question, where is Watchem and what is good about Watchem?  Little did we know, for a town that would have less than 500 people in it, it has a beautiful lake and camping area that not only brings locals but many tourists to the town.  

You could drive through the town in less than a minute and miss it all, however we highly encourage you to stop and visit the town of Watchem to not only see the magnificent lake but the beautiful assets that Watchem has.  

The  camping facilities at the lake are  both powered and unpowered sites. They also have to offer a kids playground, plenty of shelter &  BBQs.  Whilst the lake is in the middle of nowhere its great for water based activities from skiing to fishing or yabbying. If your like us, its a great spot to soak in the surrounds and suck on a stubby.  

Campsite fees are the following;

Members- Powered Site $10 per night/ $60 a week

Non Powered $5 a night/$30 a week

Non Members-Powered Site $20 a night. Pensioner discount $15 per night/$80 a week

Non Powered- $10 a night/Pensioner Discount $5 a night/$45 for week.

 During the warmer months and public holidays it’s highly recommended to book your site so you don’t miss out.  To stay up to date on the Watchem Lake, join the Watchem Lake group on Facebook where you will find the details of the current caretaker. If the caretaker is not available you can pay your camp fees at the Watchem Store.

To find the town of Watchem travel on the Sunrayisia Highway, 317km North West of Melbourne and you will find Watchem. From the lake you can take a short walk on the walking trail into the town center, there you will find the local pub, store, Public Hall and Swimming Pool.

Its most defiantly worth a look at the older buildings which are sadly no longer operational,  the Watchem Primary School, Catholic Church and the old National Australia Bank. You can also take a drive over the railway line to see the Watchem Sports oval where it once hosted football, cricket, netball, tennis and hockey.

As we always bang on about, these rural communities rely on the tourists who come and spend money in the town. Do the right thing, pay your camping fees and spend some money at the pub or local store.

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  1. Very informative! This information will be useful when we travel to Victoria next year. Thanks.

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