Australia is a big country and doing an Aussie road trip can be an amazing adventure, no matter what age you are. However you need to know how to keep safe and sufficient in the event of a breakdown on your vehicle.  Even if you’re a backpacker, a first time roadie or an experienced traveller in Australia. Every situation can be different and you need to ensure you are adequately prepared.

We are now ready to complete our 3rd big adventure in Australia and we feel confident that our Top 6 Tips will help you be prepared for your trip.

1) Mobile Phone- If you’re looking for a phone provider our suggestion would be Telstra. We have a Telstra & Optus phone and with the trips we have done in Australia, Telstra provides the best coverage. Whilst Optus continues to improve, Telstra has never let us down.

2) Water- On our travels we always purchase slabs of Water (24pack) and we carry a 5Litre Container full for our vehicle and for any washing up that is required when we camp. We find the 24 pack is easier to slot in to our Fridge, however it’s your preference depending on your vehicle and setup.  It is recommended to carry 3 Litres per person on your trip.

3) First Aid Kit- It’s one of the key essential items you should take, as you never know when you might need to use it on yourself  or  when you may have to assist someone else in the event of an emergency.

4) Food- I’m sure you don’t want to go hungry if you’re in the middle of now where! We travel with a Waeco Fridge, and a Gas Stove Cooker. This way we can cook a decent meal if we are on the road and we have cold beverages to keep us hydrated. As we have became more experienced on our travels, an esky and ice will be sufficient for you.  A second tip would be to shop at your local supermarkets, stay away from Express Supermarkets are they tend to be more expensive.

5) Maps- You can’t always rely on Google Maps as there will be situations where you may not have reception. Our suggestion is to head to a nearest Visitors Centre to check if they have free local or interstate maps available to use.

6) Extra Fuel – This is a big one and it can all depend on where you are heading in Australia. If you’re travelling longer distances and the more remote you go, the higher the cost of fuel. As an example, in Western Australia from Carnarvon to Karratha the distance is 640km and there is only three stops which are Roadhouses. If you know you are going to have to fuel up along the way, it’s best to carry a jerry can with fuel purchased at a cheaper price so when you do hit the remote places you’re not paying an excess price for fuel.

Our final notes before you head off on your road trip of Australia are be prepared, even if that’s research your destination and working out your stops along the way. The key to a successful trip is the preparation you put in before you take off. Australia is a great country so enjoy it!


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