The Spring Creek Rest Area believe it or not was our first free rest area to EVER stay at in Western Australia. We are new to roadside free camps and we are keen to utilise more of them!! After a long day of driving from Derby  we were pretty keen to pull up stumps for the day. Spring Creek Rest Area is conveniently located across the road from the turn off  to Bungle Bungle National Park.

Normally we hit up WikiCamps to review places to stay however we didn’t review this place, I think we were too tired and ready to rest.

Here are the key points we took away with our overnight stay at Spring Creek Rest Area;

-2 Areas to Stay, up top on the bitumen closest to the toilets or down on the banks of the river.

-On top is full bitumen however it throws out some heat during the warmer months, there is also 2 shade tables and a wood fire BBQ available.

-3 Hybrid Flush Toilets- Meaning put your paper in, do your business and then flush.

-Dump Point is next to Toilets however there is no running water, so you need to have your own water when emptying.

-There is many rubbish dumpsters near the entrance to the rest area, so make sure you put all your rubbish in here upon entering or exit.

-On the top area we did notice the toilets did have the odd smell when the wind below a particular direction,  however it was bearable for one night.

-Down on the base of the river, there is lots of shady spots to camp however is a bit of a walk to the toilets. If your fully set up in your van, your set!

If your travelling between Kununurra and Derby there is also another rest area we recommend which is Ngumban Cliff Rest Area

You can find more information on Spring Creek Rest Area on Wikicamps, HemaMaps or Free Camping Australia.


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