SkyDive Jurien Bay- Western Australia

Ever been in that moment where you’re like let’s do something crazy! I for sure have done that and this is where my SkyDive Jurien Bay adventure begins. On a road trip back to Geraldton in Western Australia from Perth City, I said to my friend Lauren who was visiting me at the time , do you want to jump out of a plan today?  Whilst I never thought she would do it, she surprisingly said yes!


The team at Sky Dive Jurien Bay are absolutely amazing and I know that from a firsthand experience because my “feel the rush” experience didn’t go to plan.

I paid around $600 for my  tandem skydive, which include the important safety information, jumping from 14,000 feet with more than a minute free fall, video and photos of my experience.  Whilst it may seem expensive, the cost is well worth it as the views of the ocean and landscape are out of this world. I was quite surprised as I’m afraid of heights and I  never thought  I would jump out of a plane, EVER, but with this experience I had my bring it on attitude and  the no feeling of fear!


To keep it short, whilst many people absolutely love the rush feeling, I didn’t actually enjoy it, probably mainly due to my shoulder dislocating during free-fall, which was quite unexpected and painful.

My experienced skydiver Heath  was absolutely amazing, once the gushing wind noise stopped I was eventually able to speak to him and I remember saying get me to the ground now! There is no doubt, there was probably some swear words in there too, but i cant remember them! lol!

 I was at a point, where i could not lift my arms out, as this is what your supposed to do during freefall, however i was in unbearable pain. Once we finally go to the ground, it was a trip to the hospital and seeing a doctor via video conference to get me assessed. That was an  was interesting The lovely nurses were able to put my should back in place after they made me high on the happy gas.  


What I can take away from this experience is that whist skydiving is dangerous it’s also worthwhile and the experience is one in a lifetime. I can cross that off the bucket list! The views and memories I have from SkyDive Jurien Bay are whilst are not ideal they truly are memorable; those views from 14000 feet are remarkable.  I would recommend to anyone if it’s something you want to do, definitely do it and I know from my experience the SkyDive  Jurien Bay team will look after you! To book your sky dive experience, view their details on their cool SkyDive website. 

Here is a fun fact for you; I had my Skydrive experience videoed, so i could remember the experience, its been close to 2 years since my jump and i am still yet to watch that video. I seriously don’t think i can watch the part where you see my shoulder just pop out! YUCK!!

Stacey xo

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  1. Looks amazing and Jurien is a nice spot to take a leap from! I sky dived in NZ and loved it.

  2. Hey it is James from Skydive Jurien Bay here. Great article! Would you be so kind as to include a link to our website in it?


      April 12, 2016 at 7:56 am

      Hey James, thanks for your reply. More then happy to include the link on the post. Will update for you soon.
      Would love to advertise the Jurien Bay Skydive on our website as well. Am i able to email you regarding this? I know Chris and Pete well. Cheers.

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