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We live  in a regional community, and we both know the challenges that local businesses face. How can you attract more people to the town to live or visit? The Yarriambiack Shire   in the Wimmera/Mallee region of North West Victoria came up with a fantastic solution to bring more people to the area. That being the Silo Art Trail.

The Silo Art trail commenced in December 2015 at Brim, soon after Patchewollock, Sheep Hills and now Rupanyup silos have been transformed into mind blowing pieces of art.  Still on the list to complete are the Lascelles and Rosebery silos.

Silo Art Trail

Brim Silos

The silos have been strategically selected to ensure visitors to the townships have the opportunity to engage with  communities surrounding them. We should all know that Silos in these communities are used for the storage of grain during the harvest period. However with many decommissioned silos in the area, this is giving the community alternatives on how to use them.

Silo Art Trail

Patchewollock Silos

Grain silos are now being used in many other different ways not only Silo Art, there is Silo Cinema  or even Light up the Silos.  Either way, it’s an innovative idea to encourage tourism to their townships.

To date, we have seen 3 of the painted Silos, Brim, Sheep Hills and Rupanyup, and we must say looking at a picture is great, but it’s the feeling you get when you actually see the handcrafted detail that has been input. Its incredible.

Silo Art Trail

Sheep Hills Silos

You will find that most of the people that are imaged on the silos are have a connection to the area, they may be a local children, farmers or grandparents.

We are keen for the next 2 installments of the Silo Art Trail with Lascelles and Rosebery to be completed. The Lascelles Silos is expected to start on in May 2017,  to stay up to date with the happenings we suggest to follow these pages on Facebook.

Rupanyup Silo Art    Brim Silo Art      Silo Art Trail

For further detail on the where to stay in Brim whilst you’re looking at the Silos, read our post about Brim Silos & Caravan Park. Or if your needing assistance on how to find each silo, the Silo Art Trail website has all the Google Map links.

Silo Art Trail

Rupanyup Silos

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  1. Can I please help with some spelling modifications? Our shire is spelt Yarriambiack and Rosebery has one r. Thank you so much 👍

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