Excitement plus, we are taking off again this time to explore the amazing Red Centre of Australia. Our trip will see us leave from our home town in Donald, Victoria and make our way to Uluru, Kings Canyon and the Olgas in the Northern Territory of Australia. On our return we will be taking the Oodnadatta Track in South Australia.

We are estimating our trip will be around 20 days, this time we are not taking our caravan but more our tent and swag.  Yes, we call that rough camping!  We know there is a significant cost saving if we don’t take our van and we want to do this trip on an affordable budget.

Our budget breakdown is the following;

$900 Fuel

$600 Accommodation

$250 Food

$250 Tourist Attractions

$2000 TOTAL

Do you think we are being realistic with $2000? I hope so! They only thing that will make us blow the budget  is if Wayne chooses for us to take a flight over Lake Eyre. The price for a flight  is expensive, however we keep hearing that it’s well worth it and it’s a must do when there is water in the lake. Stay tuned to see if this eventuates!

For this trip we are going with no plan, we are really just winging it! This is extremely difficult for Stacey to let go of the reigns however  we are aiming to try something different and let our surroundings influence our decisions.

We have saved  on our food expense as we have raided our cupboards at our home and taking what we can. We will do a shop in Port Augusta before we hit the Stuart Highway. As Stacey has traveled to the Red Centre  before, we know there is a supermarket there however we don’t want to pay the premium prices.

We will be using Wiki Camps and our Camps Book to source our camping spots for our trip. As it will be peak season in the Territory we are fully aware of the prices we may need to pay. The ute has gone through some modifications and we are fully equipped with power so no need to pay for powered sites. Woohoo!  This gives us greater flexibility to free camp or have unpowered camp sites at caravan parks.

Most of the tourist attractions we want to visit are National Park based, there are fees applicable and they are higher than your standard national park fees. Just remember we are visiting the number 1 place to visit in Australia, it has to be expected!

Stay tuned on out website,  Facebook & Instagram pages to see our road trip adventure to the Red Centre of Australia. We will be posting about our caravan park stays, free camps, free & paid activities and any other money savers we can offer our readers.  Remember; make memories, live life, love life and loveyourtravels.

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