Plantation Campground in the Grampains National Park in Victoria, Australia is personally one of our favorite free camping spots. Not only does this place have significance in Wayne’s family life, its truly an amazing National Park to explore.

The Plantation Campground or also known as “The Pines”  has approx 30 free campsites available, these range from  tent based camping sites, caravan sites, camper vans & camper trailer sites. All sites are unpowered and it really is bush camping when it comes to Bush Bucket showers and Eco-Toilets or Drop Dunny’s as we like to call it.

The campground has shared fireplaces and picnic tables. Important items to bring when your planning your stay here, bring your own water, bring your own firewood and bring rubbish bags to take your rubbish with you.

Accessing the campground is pretty easy,  its a 9.5km drive north of Halls Gap on Mt Zero Road,  the road is unsealed and  is suitable for two wheel drive vehicles.

If your wanting to get up and close with the local wildlife this is perfect for you, as this is a spacious campground, no matter where you set up camp you will find the wildlife near you.

We have stayed here many times mostly in Summer and Autumn and we have been lucky to get the same spot each time, however during peak season and long weekends this place gets packed out very quickly. If don’t arrive early enough, you will miss out on a spot. Rangers do patrol areas of the park  so make sure your doing the right thing!

Telstra service is available here and Optus is very patchy but you will get the odd bar here and there. A basic bush campground that we will continue to come to in many years to come. Plantation Campground continues to get a Thumbs up from us!

Plantation Campground

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