Camping and doing the lap of Oz is high on many people’s bucket lists now days. With many people on the road and the rising costs in everyday expenses, everyone is trying to save a pretty penny or two by opting for free camping options.

Free Camping is exactly that, for FREE.  It doesn’t matter what facilities you have got when you free camp,  your saving some hard earned cash for other necessities on your holidays!

On our tour of the Kimberley in 2017 we made a stop at The Ngumban Cliff rest area which is located between Kununurra and Derby on the Great Northern Highway. This rest stop  is certainly one that stood out for us.

This area is quite remote but  it has everything you need;

-Dump Point on site

-Cliff Views

-Rubbish Bins and big rubbish Dumpsters

-Hybrid Toilets that flush, like a Portaloo!

-Plenty of Undercover areas with tables and chairs

-BBQs that would require small logs of wood to kickstart it.

-Telstra Service is available with one to two bars of reception.

Certainly take wood with you as we would imagine it would get cold at some point during the cooler months. But remember,  don’t damage the environment out there.


Ngumban Cliff

Drone Photo of Ngumban Cliff Rest Area

Whilst we didn’t stay at Ngumban Cliff’s, we did pull up to use the facilities and check out the views. We were pleasantly surprised with what was on offer for such a remote location.  Check out our Drone Footage of this place!


You can find more information on Ngumban Cliff Rest Area on the Wikicamps & HemaMaps The key apps that we used for our trip (download them if you don’t have them!)  or Free Camping Australia.

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