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We Did The Ivanhoe Crossing!

Ivanhoe Crossing has officially been ticked off the Aussie Bucket List!  Driving a river crossing can be dangerous, you need to be equipped with a 4WD and be aware of the elements around you. Stacey has never been a huge fan of river crossings,  maybe it has something to do with  crocodile infested waters or the fact you can’t see the bottom of what your driving across. However with the Ivanhoe Crossing, she was keen to tackle this one and we recorded our experience to remember forever.

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Magical Memories of Lake Argyle

Its known that Lake Argyle is  “the jewel of the Kimberley” and you know what, there  exactly right. Of all the amazing  places we have visited so far in the land down under, Lake Argyle is absolutely the most majestic and memorable place we have ever visited. If this place isn’t on your Australian Bucket List, you need to think again!  Continue reading

Spring Creek Rest Area- Free Camp

The Spring Creek Rest Area believe it or not was our first free rest area to EVER stay at in Western Australia. We are new to roadside free camps and we are keen to utilise more of them!! After a long day of driving from Derby  we were pretty keen to pull up stumps for the day. Spring Creek Rest Area is conveniently located across the road from the turn off  to Bungle Bungle National Park.

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Ngumban Cliff Rest Area- Free Camp

Camping and doing the lap of Oz is high on many people’s bucket lists now days. With many people on the road and the rising costs in everyday expenses, everyone is trying to save a pretty penny or two by opting for free camping options.

Free Camping is exactly that, for FREE.  It doesn’t matter what facilities you have got when you free camp,  your saving some hard earned cash for other necessities on your holidays!

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Kalbarri- Western Australia – “You will love it”

Kalbarri ranks as one of our most favorite places in Australia.If your planning a Western Australia road trip, you have to mark Kalbarri as a destination to explore for a few days!  It’s a beautiful town that we think has everything on offer. Coastal cliff views, a unique river and spectacular inland gorges. It’s a popular  holiday destination by all and we highly recommend early booking of your accommodation, as this town sells out fast during peak tourist season. Continue reading

10 Great Tips for a Successful Drive along the Nullarbor

Driving the Eyre Highway or more commonly known as The Nullarbor is one of Australia’s most epic self-drive adventures. The highway covers 1200km of land stretching from Norseman, Western Australia to Ceduna, and South Australia. Tackling the journey is a must do experience and gives you realization about remoteness and the real outback Australia. Whatever the direction being east to west you won’t be disappointed by your drive with some some spectacular stops along the way.  We have driven the Nullarbor a couple of times now and here are our 10 tips for you to have a successful and great drive along the Nullarbor Plain. Continue reading

Boulder Discovery Park- Western Australia

For a trip to Kalgoorlie you have many caravan park options in the townships of both Kalgoorlie and Boulder to choose from. We chose Wikicamps to help us find the best and closest caravan park to us on our visit. We have found the WikiCamps app to be a great investment as it is a wealth of information in one single search. We definitely recommend the $7.99 purchase of this app.

We chose to stay at Boulder Discovery Park for 3 nights. Upon check in we were very impressed with the customer service there. The staff member gave us all options for camping sites which included the standard sites and ensuite sites. They provided options for things to do in Kalgoorlie/Boulder and provided maps to assist us. They were very helpful and genuinely wanted to make sure our stay was excellent. Continue reading

9 Essential Attractions to Visit in Kalgoorlie- Western Australia

The beautiful city of Kalgoorlie Boulder nestled in the Goldfields region of Western Australia is the largest Outback City.

If you have just driven or going to be driving the Nullarbor, Kalgoorlie is a great place to stop for a few days and take a break. There is many things to see and do in the city itself and you won’t be disappointed by a trip here.

With our trip to “Kal” we stayed 3 days and found plenty of things to pass our time. As this was our second trip here, we wanted to make sure we crossed everything off the list and knew we had to splurge on a few of the attractions.  However there is still many low cost options available here if your on a budget. Continue reading

14 Low Cost Attractions in Geraldton Western Australia

Geraldton in Western Australia is known to be one of the windiest cities in Australia. The city runs adjacent to the Indian Ocean and apart from the wind everyday, “Gero” as we like to call  it has a lot to offer for tourists.   Having lived in Geraldton for close to 2 years we feel confident that we can provide our readers the best low cost attractions for everyone to enjoy when your next in the city. Continue reading

3 Essential Road Trip Tips in Western Australia

Western Australia is a huge state, think about it, it’s the whole size of VIC, NSW and QLD put together. If you’re driving on the main roads in WA you will find they are actually very good to drive on. However the further remote you travel away from major towns, some roads can turn to dirt and certain weather conditions can impact your drive on these roads.

Any weather event being, flood, cyclone, bush fire, storm they all happen here.  To stay up to date here is our top 3 tips to keep you informed of the changing road conditions in Western Australia. Continue reading

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