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Driving the Great Ocean Road

Wanting to drive the iconic Great Ocean Road soon? Trying to plan your trip  on limited time frame.  Well listen up, as there is some key things you must know for when your planning your holiday along the Great Ocean Road.

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The Best Apps for an Australian Road Trip

If you consider life without a mobile phone these days, it would be pretty darn difficult.  Mobile Phones have advanced dramatically in the past 15 years. Back in the early 2000’s the ideal phone to have was old trusty Nokia 3330 and the best way to pass time was playing the “snake” game. Or even the pink colored Motorola flip phone, fitted with a camera to take pictures was the “in thing” at the time. Oh how time has changed,   now days if you don’t have the latest IPhone or Samsung with the entire social sharing apps you’re not up with the happenings of the online world.   With phones continually advancing and with a wide range of apps on the market, how do you know which app is the best for you on an Australian Road Trip. Well here is our selection of the best apps to have for your Australian Road Trip Adventure.

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Top 4 Walking Trails in Central Australia

There is a few ways you can get to Central Australia, Fly, Bus or Drive yourself. Either way getting here takes time and money! If you’re looking for a few days to go easy on the hip pocket, getting around via 2 feet and a heartbeat is the way to go!

Central Australia has many walking trails on offer, some ranging from short distance with some being well over 10km with some serious hiking involved.  The walking trails are a great way for you to not only see  Central Australia but get up close to these mammoth monoliths.   When you are ready to set off and explore, our best suggestion would be to take a backpack packed with sunscreen, food and plenty of water. It also doesn’t hurt to wear a good hat and lather up the sunscreen as the harsh Aussie sun can do some damage. Oh and you might want to bring along a Fly Net otherwise you will  go insane with those pesky flies!! Continue reading

Road Tripping Oz- 10 Red Centre Essentials

On our trip to Central Australia  in June 2016, we made a list of what we call “The Red Centre Essentials”, they are must have items that you need to have packed for when you visit here. Continue reading

The Best Torch for your Travels-Bunnings USB Torch

There is no doubt having a good quality torch comes in handy on any camping adventure. With so many in the market to choose from how do you know which is best. To be honest we don’t know which one is best, but we found one that’s pretty awesome and we love it!

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10 Great Tips for a Successful Drive along the Nullarbor

Driving the Eyre Highway or more commonly known as The Nullarbor is one of Australia’s most epic self-drive adventures. The highway covers 1200km of land stretching from Norseman, Western Australia to Ceduna, and South Australia. Tackling the journey is a must do experience and gives you realization about remoteness and the real outback Australia. Whatever the direction being east to west you won’t be disappointed by your drive with some some spectacular stops along the way.  We have driven the Nullarbor a couple of times now and here are our 10 tips for you to have a successful and great drive along the Nullarbor Plain. Continue reading

3 Essential Road Trip Tips in Western Australia

Western Australia is a huge state, think about it, it’s the whole size of VIC, NSW and QLD put together. If you’re driving on the main roads in WA you will find they are actually very good to drive on. However the further remote you travel away from major towns, some roads can turn to dirt and certain weather conditions can impact your drive on these roads.

Any weather event being, flood, cyclone, bush fire, storm they all happen here.  To stay up to date here is our top 3 tips to keep you informed of the changing road conditions in Western Australia. Continue reading

5 reasons why you need to visit Western Australia

Moving to Western Australia, was never on our to do list. We always had a passion to travel to Queensland as it’s known as the beautiful “Sunshine State” Little did we know that Western Australia, has so much to offer and can be affordable to visit.  After living here  for almost 3 years we know it’s a great place to both live and work. Continue reading

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