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Spring Creek Rest Area- Free Camp

The Spring Creek Rest Area believe it or not was our first free rest area to EVER stay at in Western Australia. We are new to roadside free camps and we are keen to utilise more of them!! After a long day of driving from Derby  we were pretty keen to pull up stumps for the day. Spring Creek Rest Area is conveniently located across the road from the turn off  to Bungle Bungle National Park.

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Devils Marbles- Northern Territory

Put this one on your Northern Territory Bucket List, these gigantic granite boulders at Devils Marbles, in the Northern Territory, Australia  are pretty darn amazing to see. They are situated right on the Stuart Highway,  so its perfect to pull up, take a break and take in the surrounds.

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Ngumban Cliff Rest Area- Free Camp

Camping and doing the lap of Oz is high on many people’s bucket lists now days. With many people on the road and the rising costs in everyday expenses, everyone is trying to save a pretty penny or two by opting for free camping options.

Free Camping is exactly that, for FREE.  It doesn’t matter what facilities you have got when you free camp,  your saving some hard earned cash for other necessities on your holidays!

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Plantation Campground- Grampians National Park

Plantation Campground in the Grampains National Park in Victoria, Australia is personally one of our favorite free camping spots. Not only does this place have significance in Wayne’s family life, its truly an amazing National Park to explore. Continue reading

Oakabella Homestead- Western Australia

Are you interested in a historic homestead with supernatural activity? Want to learn the history and many chilling stories of the past?  If you are heading north of Geraldton and looking to take a short break, we recommend stopping at the Oakabella homestead which is just off the North West Coastal Highway.

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The half hour tour of the homestead costs only $10 per person and takes you through the 13 room cottage, old kitchen house, shearing shed and church.  Loretta who is the tour guide has lived in the old homestead and has many stories to tell of the past and some of the paranormal activity that occurs.  Continue reading

Ellendale Pool- Western Australia

Now we haven’t stayed here but we know its a great spot to come for either a picnic or a short stay. Ellendale Pool is located 45km south east of Geraldton and is a four and half hour drive North of Perth. It’s a stunning waterhole along the Greenough River and is surrounded by magnificent Gum Trees and a rocky Gorge. It’s a beautiful spot to sit back and soak up the amazing views and rock formations.

Ellendale Pool - Western Australia Ellendale Pool - Western Australia

Ellendale Pool - Western Australia Ellendale Pool - Western Australia

If your looking for a picnic &  camping spot on the banks of a river,  would recommend coming here. There are toilets, barbecues, plenty of undercover seating and kids playground. You can even try your luck with a spot of fishing here. Continue reading

Coalseam Conservation Park- Western Australia

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Are you a nature enthusiast? Do you like open spaces and the outdoors? Are you interested in the beautiful colors and formations of wildflowers? Then Coalseam Park is your destination!

The park is located 100km East of Geraldton and is a 30 minute drive on an unsealed road from Mingenew. The park is easily accessible for all vehicle types and has some great short walks, along with Barbecues, Toilet and Camping Facilities.

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The park is in the heart of wildflower country which is popular for the vast variety of wildflowers in bloom during spring. Coalseam was named after the Gregory Brothers after they discovered coal on the banks of the Irwin River in 1846. This was marked as the first discovery of coal in Western Australia. However due to a number of shafts being dug and only poor quality coal being found the site was the abandoned. Continue reading

Eneabba- Western Australia- Rest Area & Overnight Stay

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Australia Day 2016, consisted of us being in two parts of Western Australia. Wayne was up in Coral Bay working. OMG, so jealous!  And whilst I was in Geraldton, I thought it would be best to hit the road in my little car to check out some of the towns of regional Western Australia.

My first stop was Eneabba. Its located on the Brand Highway 278km north of Perth. It’s a very small town, with a Police Station, Nurses Post, Swimming Pool, Recreation Stadium, Hardware & Grocery Store, Mechanic Service, Overnight Stay facility and most of all a Pub. Continue reading

Fig Tree Crossing Picnic & Camping Area- Western Australia

We love our “Sunday Drives” they can take us to unlikely places that we would not normally visit, its on these road trips  we can uncover a popular tourist destination, a picturesque landscape or an ideal camping spot. As we lived in Geraldton for almost 2 years in 2016  our drives can take us  past a location that we may have driven past numerous times but have  failed to stop and explore.   From now on,  when ever we are out on the road  were possible we pull up to have a look around. Fig Tree Crossing Picnic and Camping area in Western Australia is an ideal spot to camp if you want to be a short distance out of town but have the bush lifestyle at your feet.  Continue reading

Coronation Beach- Western Australia

 Coronation Beach located 28km north of Geraldton, Western Australia is your ideal spot if your looking for a great surf beach and your keen to spend the day windsurfing for kite surfing.  Travel along North West Coastal highway and turn off onto a sealed road and that will take you to the beach and camping area.

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