There is no doubt having a good quality torch comes in handy on any camping adventure. With so many in the market to choose from how do you know which is best. To be honest we don’t know which one is best, but we found one that’s pretty awesome and we love it!

On a  trip to Bunnings you never know what you will walk away with. One thing for sure is your first purchase will be a BBQ Sausage in bread with Onion! On a day when Wayne went with my father to Bunnings they both came back with Torches.  My first reaction was what do we need another torch for, we have plenty all ready!

Wayne’s reaction, this torch has it all! And little did i know, he was correct and its literally been the best $30 spend at Bunnings.

We love this torch as it has the following;

  • Works as a Spotlight with the distance beam up to 1000m
  • Works as a  Worklight
  • Has a Red flashing warning light
  • Has a powerbank for charging mobile devices via USB
  •  Battery can charge via USB

Bunnings USB Torch

We may receive comments that there are others out in the market that are better, however we love our purchase and if you’re looking for reliability and value for money this doesn’t disappoint. For the direct link to this awesome torch at Bunnings, you can click here.

Note- This article did not receive any financial benefit from Bunnings.

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