The Best Apps for an Australian Road Trip

If you consider life without a mobile phone these days, it would be pretty darn difficult.  Mobile Phones have advanced dramatically in the past 15 years. Back in the early 2000’s the ideal phone to have was old trusty Nokia 3330 and the best way to pass time was playing the “snake” game. Or even the pink colored Motorola flip phone, fitted with a camera to take pictures was the “in thing” at the time. Oh how time has changed,   now days if you don’t have the latest IPhone or Samsung with the entire social sharing apps you’re not up with the happenings of the online world.   With phones continually advancing and with a wide range of apps on the market, how do you know which app is the best for you on an Australian Road Trip. Well here is our selection of the best apps to have for your Australian Road Trip Adventure.


Wikicamps is one of the best apps to have for your Australian Road Trip, this app is recommended by many caravanners/campers and backpackers. It’s filled with information on Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, Backpacker Hostels, Day Use Areas (Toilets/ Dump Points) and Points of Interest.

The Wikicamps app gives you details on a specific place, so if it’s a caravan park your looking for it will have contact number, web address, photos, and user reviews. Much like Trip Advisor but for free or low cost camping options.   There is a couple of negatives with the app, it does cost money to download it’s now $7.99, I think we originally purchased the app when it was $6 so the price is going up. The other negative is you need to download all the content on your phone or ipad if you know you will be in an area that has no phone signal or Wi-Fi connection. Preparation is the key for this app.

Road Trip Australia

Fuel Map

This app is created by the folks at WikiCamps. The Fuel Map Australia app is Free to download! YAY! With the app you can search for fuel stations nearby to your current location or zoom into a location your heading to see what is available and the price.

We used this app on our trip to Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon, and it come in very useful as the users update the fuel prices themselves so you are able to get a more accurate indication of the fuel price for on the road to. For us, we used this to  budget on where and when to fill up.

Emergency Australia

To stay up to date with official warnings, incidents and emergency’s download the Emergency App. This is free to download and works Australia wide. It delivers warnings and incident information that is issued by Official Agency’s across Australia. No matter the warning, Bushfire, Flood, Cyclone, Severe Weather Events, Storms the app has it all. You can set up “watch areas” around your location so you know that you and your family are safe.

Road Trip Australia


Toilet Finder

This is a new app to us, but it’s a bloody genius idea! For the ladies, there is nothing worse than having to pee behind a bush in the middle of now where. With the Toilet Finder app, this helps you locate the nearest toilet to your location. The app is free to download too!

Facebook & Instagram

Our favorite social sharing apps.  Facebook has succeeded as it does a great job of connecting people worldwide and enabling them to share their lives and things they discover. Both Wayne and I have our own personal Facebook accounts as well as our travel blog ‘loveyourtravels’ This is great way for us to both share our adventures with our family, friends and among many of the  various camping, caravan and travel blogging groups. Follow loveyourtravels on Facebook.

Instagram is an online platform to capture and share the world’s moments. We find Instagram is a better way to connect with fellow travelers through commenting on photos and taking short 15 second videos of where we are. Follow loveyourtravels on Instagram.

For us that love to travel and blog, both apps help to connect us with people worldwide. Sharing our experiences is half the fun. Both apps are free to download, if you don’t have either we suggest you do!


You Tube is the best way to pass time by watching the millions of videos on YouTube, or even get creative and get yourself out there! We started our YouTube Channel ‘loveyourtravels’ so we can capture a wider audience and really show who we are and where we travel to. YouTube is free to download, so start making your videos!!

There are significant amount of Travel  apps available on the iOS and Android devices however these are only 7 of them and they are the ones we use regularly.  Our top 7 are a good start and if there is any others that you recommend feel free to leave us a comment.

Road Trip Australia

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  1. Some great app ideas. I broke my phone at the end of my last road trip in Victoria and that was a disaster! Good luck on your travels!

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