When travelling long distances around Australia, its important to have a well maintained vehicle, our 2004 Nissan Navara ute has not missed a beat. 

This beauty has traveled approx 90,000 kilometers around Australia. This varies from trips around Victoria, with longer distance holidays to Cairns in Queensland, Darwin in Northern Territory and Broome in Western Australia.

Before we embark on a long drive we always ensure our vehicle is in the best condition. We travel with an extra supply of fuel and water on board as well as spare filters/hoses and tools in case of a breakdown. We travel with a first aid kid, can of bushman’s (those pesky flies and mozzies will annoy you) as well as our Waeco fridge to keep the beers cold.

In late 2016 we removed the roll bar and hard lid from the back and placed a canopy on the back. This was a great investment for us as we were able to carry more and place a side awning on the vehicle.