Hello there, welcome to loveyourtravels, an independent travel blog show casing our travel adventures mostly completed in the great land of Oz. Our pages and posts are mainly written by Stacey as Wayne does most of the driving to all the amazing places we visit.  But hey, some people are better with certain things then others!

Thanks for dropping by to our little corner of the internet, no matter how you find us and our site, we thank you for checking it out!

More about us, we started loveyourtravels in September 2014; we both work full time so most of our travels are done on weekends or holidays. Yeah sure we would love to take a year off and travel the world but hey, we have mortgages and there important to us too!

Stacey works full time for a major banking corporation and has been in the industry for well over 11 years. She has done many travel adventures with Wayne in Australia, however she did travel to Canada in 2012, America in 2016 and Cruised New Zealand with her mother in 2016. Stacey really is the bones behind loveyourtravels, she manages all the social media platforms, writes all the blogs and makes the YouTube videos.

Wayne works full time for a Grain Company as a Grain Handler, he has been in the industry for many years. In addition to that, he is a jack of all trades and he is the driver and organiser of all the trips we go on! He has the car packed, serviced and ready for any short & long trips. He really is the brains in the relationship!

Both of us come from a small country town in Donald, Victoria. Well known for its range of “Kookas Country Cookies” How we met, well with 22 years difference in age, we met at the old local pub! Nothing different there and the relationship is 9 years strong.

We are proud of loveyourtravels and we love sharing our experiences, you know you do a great job when you get many compliments on the suggestions you make. Our site is continuing to update as Stacey learns the ropes of web design. She loves documenting these experiences with captivating photography.