We love our “Sunday Drives” they can take us to unlikely places that we would not normally visit, its on these road trips  we can uncover a popular tourist destination, a picturesque landscape or an ideal camping spot.

As we have lived in Geraldton for almost 2 years our drives can take us  past a location that we may have driven past numerous times but have  failed to stop and explore.   From now on,  when ever we are out on the road  were possible we pull up to have a look around.

Fig Tree Crossing Picnic area in Western Australia is an ideal spot to camp if you want to be a short distance out of town but have the bush lifestyle at your feet

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The camping ground, is a large drive through rest area, It’s a beautifully presented campground and whilst there is no lush lawns the scenery of the Chapman Valley in the distance makes it pleasant camp spot.  The camp ground has many tall trees that provides ample shade to pull up for short stay.

To reach the camp ground, from Geraldton drive along Chapman Valley Road for approx. 12 kilometres and you will find the rest area on your left. The ground is restricted to a 24 hour stay and fees apply ($7 per night. )

The camp ground offers  shaded seating areas, BBQ, Toilets, Dump Point and your still in range on your mobile phone.

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