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Walking Trails at West MacDonnell National Park

On our visit to Central Australia in 2016 we did the most of the West MacDonnell National Park over a 2 to 3 day period. If your fascinated by rocky ridges and spectacular gorges with inviting waterholes then put this place high on your to do list when you are next visiting the area.  Continue reading

Top 4 Walking Trails in Central Australia

There is a few ways you can get to Central Australia, Fly, Bus or Drive yourself. Either way getting here takes time and money! If you’re looking for a few days to go easy on the hip pocket, getting around via 2 feet and a heartbeat is the way to go!

Central Australia has many walking trails on offer, some ranging from short distance with some being well over 10km with some serious hiking involved.  The walking trails are a great way for you to not only see  Central Australia but get up close to these mammoth monoliths.   When you are ready to set off and explore, our best suggestion would be to take a backpack packed with sunscreen, food and plenty of water. It also doesn’t hurt to wear a good hat and lather up the sunscreen as the harsh Aussie sun can do some damage. Oh and you might want to bring along a Fly Net otherwise you will  go insane with those pesky flies!! Continue reading

Road Tripping Oz- 10 Red Centre Essentials

On our trip to Central Australia  in June 2016, we made a list of what we call “The Red Centre Essentials”, they are must have items that you need to have packed for when you visit here. Continue reading

Exploring Kings Canyon & Our Stay at Kings Canyon Campground

If you want to know where the most expensive place in Australia is, it sure has to be Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory.

Not only will you pay premium prices at the resort, but you will pay over inflated prices for fuel, food and drink. If your looking to explore Kings Canyon, you can stay at Kings Canyon resort which is only a short drive from the Kings Canyon car park.

Continue reading

Ayers Rock Campground

Planning a road trip to the Red Centre of Oz can be an exciting part of your life, ticking off a visit to Uluru and Kata Juta (The Olgas) has to be on your bucket list of travelling Australia.

The Ayers Rock resort offers various forms of accommodation from a few hotels to a campground. We stayed 4 nights at Ayers Rock Campground on the Stay 4 Nights Pay for 3 Deal. To camp in the campground the cost we paid was $40 a night. As it was peak season the price was high. For the year round prices, you can click here to visit their website direct for further details. Continue reading


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