Western Australia is a huge state, think about it, it’s the whole size of VIC, NSW and QLD put together. If you’re driving on the main roads in WA you will find they are actually very good to drive on. However the further remote you travel away from major towns, some roads can turn to dirt and certain weather conditions can impact your drive on these roads.

Any weather event being, flood, cyclone, bush fire, storm they all happen here.  To stay up to date here is our top 3 tips to keep you informed of the changing road conditions in Western Australia.

Bureau of Meteorology- The most accurate source of information to stay alert of weather conditions Australia Wide. We also have liked Perth Weather Live Facebook page which provides information on city and state-wide weather. In addition there is also the Facebook pages Everything Geraldton, Everything Karratha, Everything Mandurah, which provide up to date information on weather events.  


Main Roads Website- Stay up to date with road closures and traffic notices.  You can free call on 1800 013 314 if you don’t have access to internet


Fellow travelers- Everybody is travelling the road for some reason. Call ahead to road houses to confirm what the weather and traffic conditions are like if you have any concerns. Ask people who have come the opposite way from you if there are any road hazards.  Having a chat to other drivers is always a great help to be aware of any issues out on the road and any potential must see stops along the way.

Western Australia is a massive state to explore with many long distance drives, always be alert on the road and drive to the conditions.



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