Devils Marbles Hotel – One Of The Best Pubs on the Stuart Highway

Just cruising down the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory and yes it was another toilet stop needed. The closest place to pull up where we were  was  a place called Wauchope. Or better known as the Devils Marbles Hotel.  This Outback Pub is without a doubt  legendary, a little oasis in the outback that is a refreshing surprise to the norm of pubs along the highway.

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We Did The Ivanhoe Crossing!

Ivanhoe Crossing has officially been ticked off the Aussie Bucket List!  Driving a river crossing can be dangerous, you need to be equipped with a 4WD and be aware of the elements around you. Stacey has never been a huge fan of river crossings,  maybe it has something to do with  crocodile infested waters or the fact you can’t see the bottom of what your driving across. However with the Ivanhoe Crossing, she was keen to tackle this one and we recorded our experience to remember forever.

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Magical Memories of Lake Argyle

Its known that Lake Argyle is  “the jewel of the Kimberley” and you know what, there  exactly right. Of all the amazing  places we have visited so far in the land down under, Lake Argyle is absolutely the most majestic and memorable place we have ever visited. If this place isn’t on your Australian Bucket List, you need to think again!  Continue reading

Spring Creek Rest Area- Free Camp

The Spring Creek Rest Area believe it or not was our first free rest area to EVER stay at in Western Australia. We are new to roadside free camps and we are keen to utilise more of them!! After a long day of driving from Derby  we were pretty keen to pull up stumps for the day. Spring Creek Rest Area is conveniently located across the road from the turn off  to Bungle Bungle National Park.

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Devils Marbles- Northern Territory

Put this one on your Northern Territory Bucket List, these gigantic granite boulders at Devils Marbles, in the Northern Territory, Australia  are pretty darn amazing to see. They are situated right on the Stuart Highway,  so its perfect to pull up, take a break and take in the surrounds.

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Ngumban Cliff Rest Area- Free Camp

Camping and doing the lap of Oz is high on many people’s bucket lists now days. With many people on the road and the rising costs in everyday expenses, everyone is trying to save a pretty penny or two by opting for free camping options.

Free Camping is exactly that, for FREE.  It doesn’t matter what facilities you have got when you free camp,  your saving some hard earned cash for other necessities on your holidays!

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10 Tips for First Time Travel to Ho Chi Minh City

Going to a new country can be a daunting experience, trying to understand the language, where to go & what to do can be a time consuming challenge. Wayne and I took our first overseas trip together in July 2017. Our trip was mainly based in Ho Chi Minh City as we were visiting family for a week however in that week, we soon  came up with a list of tips for first time travelers to Ho Chi Minh City.

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Overseas Travel- Our First Overseas TripTogether

Yep, you read it right. Wayne and I are off on our FIRST ever overseas trip together! For those that know Wayne on a personal level, he sure is not the type of bloke that likes to move away from the ‘normality’ of Aussie Life. His holidays are much preferred traveling Australia in the ute and drinking beers at a local pub.  Continue reading

Driving the Great Ocean Road

Wanting to drive the iconic Great Ocean Road soon? Trying to plan your trip  on limited time frame.  Well listen up, as there is some key things you must know for when your planning your holiday along the Great Ocean Road.

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Carlton Brewhouse Tour- Melbourne

Seriously we are not going to lie here, we love beer and for us, a tour at the Carlton Brewhouse with free sample tasting’s is pretty exciting.   We reckon there is nothing better than kicking back sucking on a stubby. What a way to relax!

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