10 Tips for First Time Travel to Ho Chi Minh City

Going to a new country can be a daunting experience, trying to understand the language, where to go & what to do can be a time consuming challenge. Wayne and I took our first overseas trip together in July 2017. Our trip was mainly based in Ho Chi Minh City as we were visiting family for a week however in that week, we soon  came up with a list of tips for first time travelers to Ho Chi Minh City.

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Overseas Travel- Our First Overseas TripTogether

Yep, you read it right. Wayne and I are off on our FIRST ever overseas trip together! For those that know Wayne on a personal level, he sure is not the type of bloke that likes to move away from the ‘normality’ of Aussie Life. His holidays are much preferred traveling Australia in the ute and drinking beers at a local pub.  Continue reading

Driving the Great Ocean Road

Wanting to drive the iconic Great Ocean Road soon? Trying to plan your trip  on limited time frame.  Well listen up, as there is some key things you must know for when your planning your holiday along the Great Ocean Road.

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Carlton Brewhouse Tour- Melbourne

Seriously we are not going to lie here, we love beer and for us, a tour at the Carlton Brewhouse with free sample tasting’s is pretty exciting.   We reckon there is nothing better than kicking back sucking on a stubby. What a way to relax!

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The Best Apps for an Australian Road Trip

If you consider life without a mobile phone these days, it would be pretty darn difficult.  Mobile Phones have advanced dramatically in the past 15 years. Back in the early 2000’s the ideal phone to have was old trusty Nokia 3330 and the best way to pass time was playing the “snake” game. Or even the pink colored Motorola flip phone, fitted with a camera to take pictures was the “in thing” at the time. Oh how time has changed,   now days if you don’t have the latest IPhone or Samsung with the entire social sharing apps you’re not up with the happenings of the online world.   With phones continually advancing and with a wide range of apps on the market, how do you know which app is the best for you on an Australian Road Trip. Well here is our selection of the best apps to have for your Australian Road Trip Adventure.

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Silo Art Trail – Victoria

We live  in a regional community, and we both know the challenges that local businesses face. How can you attract more people to the town to live or visit? The Yarriambiack Shire   in the Wimmera/Mallee region of North West Victoria came up with a fantastic solution to bring more people to the area. That being the Silo Art Trail. Continue reading

Experience the Melbourne Star

Before we start talking about the Melbourne Star and taking the journey on the Giant Wheel in Melbourne, the biggest hot tip we can give is to purchase your tickets ONLINE!  If you want to save over $10 per person, then take the time to book online through their website and find cheaper options through bargain websites Groupon or Scoopon.  We found that we actually paid more when you just rock up on the day.

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Silverton Hotel, Outback New South Wales, Australia

There is no doubt, we love a beer and there is nothing like dropping into the local pub for cold one. When driving the Australian country side, we love calling in for a “frothy” at any roadhouse or town. On our visit to the iconic Silverton Hotel  in Outback New South Wales we were never going to walk away disappointed.

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Walking Trails at West MacDonnell National Park

On our visit to Central Australia in 2016 we did the most of the West MacDonnell National Park over a 2 to 3 day period. If your fascinated by rocky ridges and spectacular gorges with inviting waterholes then put this place high on your to do list when you are next visiting the area.  Continue reading

Plantation Campground- Grampians National Park

Plantation Campground in the Grampains National Park in Victoria, Australia is personally one of our favorite free camping spots. Not only does this place have significance in Wayne’s family life, its truly an amazing National Park to explore. Continue reading

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